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Articles that illuminate and educate on subjects about the environment.  Priority is given to articles written by local people and about  the Dallas / Fort Worth region.  Feature articles submitted will be screened. These submissions may not be advertising.

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The Kimbell Art Museum's new Piano Pavilion built across from the Louis Kahn building, preserved the majority of the 5- acre lawn by keeping two-thirds of the building underground. Courtesy of the Kimbell Art Museum. April 23, 2014 By Barbara Koerble Back when the Kimbell Art... Read more ..
Earth Day Texas will be showcasing more than 800 green exhibitors April 26-27 at the Eco Expo in Fair Park in Dallas. Photos courtesy of Earth Day Texas.   April 22, 2014 By Julie Thibodeaux DFW has been celebrating Earth Day all month long. This weekend boasts the... Read more ..
  B.A. Norrgard will be showing off her tiny house and talking about her sustainable lifestyle at Earth Day Texas April 26-27 in Centennial Hall.   Photos courtesy of B.A. Norrgard.                    April 21, 2014... Read more ..
April 16, 2014 By Amy Martin  Chris Jackson makes wildlife photography look easy on his blog, DFW Urban Wildlife. Yet garnering photos like his requires more than skill with a camera. Knowledge of animal behavior is needed and ample amounts of patience. Plus you have to... Read more ..
  The Earth Day Texas OmniGlobe will be on display at NorthPark Center in Dallas through April 24. Then it will be at Earth Day Texas April 26-27. Courtesy of Earth Day Texas.          April 15, 2014  By Rita Cook  Visitors to NorthPark... Read more ..
April 14, 2014 Oak Cliff Earth Day in Dallas on Saturday had all the right ingredients – sunny skies, friendly people and dogs.   Photos by Phillip Shinoda                              ... Read more ..
    Dennis Blagg's work will be on display at the Dallas Art Fair April 11-13 at the Artspace 111 booth.   Image: Goat Mountain. Courtesy of Artspace 111.       April 8, 2014 By Rita Cook  Inside the walls of Fort Worth artist Dennis Blagg’s... Read more ..
April 9, 2014  By Minnie Payne Permaculture is a hot trend in landscaping and gardeners can get the scoop on it when one of its leading proponents comes to North Texas next week. Permaculture expert Toby Hemenway and author of the bestselling Gaia’s Garden: A... Read more ..