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Articles that illuminate and educate on subjects about the environment.  Priority is given to articles written by local people and about  the Dallas / Fort Worth region.  Feature articles submitted will be screened. These submissions may not be advertising.

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                    In June, Texas joined California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, New York and Massachusetts in banning the shark fin trade. Courtesy of Sea Shepherd. July 1, 2015 By Julie... Read more ..
Texas Climate News, overseen by former Houston Chronicle environmental reporter Bill Dawson, features a newly expanded format with more original coverage by staff and contributors. Above, photo of the People's Climate March in New York City in September.... Read more ..
                    Marie Tedei owns and operates Eden's Organic Garden Center and CSA Farm in Balch Springs. Photos courtesy of Tedei. June 29, 2015 By Rita Cook Was Marie Tedei organic before organic was cool? The owner of... Read more ..
June 24, 2015 The deadliest insect on Earth, a mosquito is a formidable opponent that’s had 200 million years to perfect its game. Here’s how to win with natural and non-toxic approaches to bug repellents. By Amy Martin Hiking and enjoying the outdoors should not be a... Read more ..
                  Pope Francis issued a warning to the world via his Encyclical on the Environment on June 18. Courtesy of Reuters. June 23, 2015  By Minnie Payne Last week, Pope Francis delivered a blunt message to the world... Read more ..
                  Above, Members of the DFW Citizens' Climate Lobby coaltion Shawn Reeder,  left, and Swetha Kannen and Jim Moffitt (behind to his right), head to meetings with members of Congress and their aides in... Read more ..
                        Lance Tahmahkera, great-great grandson of Quanah Parker, will speak June 17 at 7 p.m. at the Texas Historic Tree Coalition meeting in Dallas. Courtesy of Barkley.biz. June 16, 2015 By Rita... Read more ..
                      Dallas City Hall photo courtesy of Dallas Observer. June 15, 2015 By Julie Thibodeaux The Dallas Green Alliance was celebrating its victories following the Dallas City Council runoff election on... Read more ..